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Team-wise IPL 2016 Predictions,Controversies may continue to court IPL,Astrological Observations about IPL 6, Who Will Win IPL 6 According to Astrological Observations. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Neha   
Wednesday, 03 April 2013 08:26
Team-wise IPL 2016 Predictions,Controversies may continue to court IPL,Astrological Observations about IPL 6, Who Will Win IPL 6 According to Astrological Observations.


Fasten your seat belts, and get ready to be launched into the world of fast paced and explosive cricket via the much-awaited IPL6.

The now famous Indian Premier League championship has got everything the players and fans of cricket have ever dreamt of – loads of excitement, constant dosage of international level cricket, instant fame and tons of money, plenty of entertainment and nail-biting ebullience!

Besides the lure of cricket, it's the additional paraphernalia in the form of cheerleaders, the music and the nerve whacking atmosphere of the stadiums that adds to the attraction of IPL. The current and the sixth edition of IPL – the Pepsi IPL 2016 is slated to open at 7:30 pm (IST) on 2nd April'13, Tuesday at the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata.

However, despite the hype and hoopla surrounding it, IPL has managed to gather storms time and again. It has been consistently rocked by controversies. What lies ahead for this edition? Ganesha, with the help of Vedic Astrology, reads the opening ceremony chart of IPL to predict the way ahead for IPL6.

Astrological Observations

In the opening ceremony chart of IPL, the Lord of Ascendant, Venus is exalted and placed with two fiery planets, Sun and Mars. This combination promises the glitter and glamour not limiting itself to cricket during this IPL season. The months of April and May will be witness to a power packed and entertaining cricketing action in India. The entire scenario promises added fun and entertainment to make it more interesting for the fans. Speculations are bound to be at their peak too.

There is no doubt that IPL 6 will  provide a healthy dose of entertainment to its fans and will also remain a darling of the media; not just because of the glamorous cricket it promises, but also because of the probable controversies that may rock the tournament. As the retrograde Saturn is placed in the Ascendant with Rahu, this season shall provide the media enough fodder to chew on. Also, the dark shadow of banning the Sri Lankan players and the resultant political gimmicks may disrupt the harmony of sports. The forthcoming eclipses may also aggravate some controversies and a few unpleasant situations. All in all, get ready to enjoy a power packed MASALA cricketing tournament.

Team-wise IPL 2016 Predictions

The retrograde Saturn-conjunct Rahu and transiting Mars may not augur well for the front-runners Chennai Super Kings during the first half of the IPL season. Hence, they may have to contend with only moderate success, during the first half of the IPL-6. But as the tournament progresses, their performance is likely to improve. Stars may favour Dhoni, the team's captain, and this shall also support the entire team. In short, Chennai Super Kings' performance will pick up gradually, and they will have good chances of securing their place in the top four teams.

The defending champions Kolkata Knight Riders shall get support from the transiting Mars and Mercury. But, the transiting Jupiter may not provide them the required support. They may start their campaign on a slightly weak note. But, the transiting Sun and Mars will help them from mid-April onwards. In team's captain Gautam Gambhir's chart, the transiting Saturn and Rahu are passing through the 5th House over the Natal Mercury, and are also aspecting the Natal Moon. Consequently, he only has a moderate support from the planets. However, the latter half of the IPL-6 looks set to be better for him. Nonetheless, Kolkata Knight Riders will win some important matches, and shall remain in the race for the top four spots.

Jupiter in Taurus will help the Delhi Daredevils Team. However, the transiting Venus is not very supportive, and hence they will have to work hard to find glory. Also, the transiting Saturn and Rahu may not be favourable for them. So, they will have to work very hard for achieving success. Mahela Jayawardene, the captain, though has good support of the transiting Jupiter, which may help his team march forward. However, the path could be rather difficult for this team.

Mumbai Indians will find strong support from the transiting Jupiter during this IPL season. However, the transiting Saturn and Rahu may restrict their progress. So, their performance will be inconsistent. The transiting Ketu in the Ascendant and retrograde Saturn in the 7th House of Ponting's chart may not support his team much. However, the transiting Sun and Mars will cast benefic rays in his chart post 20th April. So, Mumbai Indians will display some outstanding cricket after this date. They will have a strong case to cement their place in the top four teams.

The retrograde Saturn and Rahu conjunction in Libra will hamper Royal Challengers Bangalore's progress and Kohli's performance as a Captain. However, due to strong support of transiting Jupiter and Mars, they are likely to play positively. Their performance will improve significantly from 25th April. Chances of getting a place in the top four are good for them.

Kings XI Punjab will have strong support from transiting Venus and Mercury. But transiting Mars and Jupiter may not help them much during this season. So, their performance may remain inconsistent throughout this tournament. The transiting Saturn conjunct Sun in Adam Gilchrist's chart may also restrict the progress of the team. So, despite performing well in some matches, chances of getting a place in Top four are not so bright for them.

Pune Warriors have a strong support of transiting Jupiter and Mars. So, they are likely to surprise their opponents. Also, Angelo Mathews will have support of transiting Mars, Sun and Jupiter during this season. His positive approach will also help his team. However, during the later half of tournament, this team might stray wayward. But they will certainly try hard to find their place in the top four.

Rahu and Saturn in Libra may cause problems for the team Rajasthan Royals. Also, they may not get desired support from the transiting Jupiter, and hence their performance may not reflect their actual potential. However, Ganesha notes that the team captain Rahul Dravid's personal chart looks better, and here is where the team may find its silver lining. This may be supportive for  help the team to remain in contention for the top four slots.

Sunrisers Hyderabad will have the support of transiting Jupiter throughout the tournament. However, the planet of glory, Venus will not support them. Also, lack of support from attacking Mars may restrict their progress. The transiting Saturn and Rahu may, however, spell difficulties for the captain Kumar Sangakkara. Overall, the performance of this team may only be average during this tournament.