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Beauty Tips for Dry Skin Type, Care tips for dry skin, Diet For Healthy Skin, Dry Skin Care, How to keep Dry Skin healthy, Skin care during summers, Skin care for Dry Skin, Skin care summer PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 18 November 2011 13:08

Beauty Tips for Dry Skin Type, Care tips for dry skin, Diet For Healthy Skin, Dry Skin Care, How to keep Dry Skin healthy, Skin care during summers, Skin care for Dry Skin, Skin care summer


The skin becomes worse in the winter season as it starts to crack and also leaves moisture. This is because the skin has more moisture in the upper levels and very little in the lower levels. Therefore it is both dry as it lacks oils and even dehydrated as it lacks water. It is even vulnerable to climatic and weather changes and also produce wrinkles easily if it is not cared for. Any exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun or air conditioning would lead to increased loss of moisture. Mostly it becomes worse when you move from the sun directly into an air conditioned room or even while moving out from the air conditioned room to the sun.


The skin’s dry condition is aggravated by the use of soap, detergents and toners. So a gentle approach which boosts the skin’s moisture levels and makes it soft and supple which is considered to be a must.
Day care for the dry skin calls for the use of a creamy moisturizer. If the moisturizer has a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF) then it considered to be the best. An SPF indicates the number of times the skin is saved from the sun. So if your skin normally burns in five minutes, a 30 SPF sunscreen will let it burn only 30 X five minutes which is equal 150 minutes. In India it is considered that an SPF of about 30 is a must for any skin type.
Even though a thick moisturizer is excellent for the dry skin, it should also be taken care that the thickness should be to the extreme so that it would irritate the skin. Before the application of make up, the moisturizer should be given a few minutes to sink into the skin deeply.
Special care should be given especially at night for the dry skin. Removal of make up is very important. First the eye make up has to be removed with a cream based eye make-up remover. This helps to soothe dryness in the delicate eye area. This has to be followed by a rich facial cleanser. Leave the cleanser on for few minutes before wiping it off, to help it remove the make-up and dirt thoroughly. Next the face has to be washed well with a gently face wash. Always remember to use glycerin soap or face wash which will not strip your skin of its natural oils.
Ultimately, a thick night cream should be applied to seal in the moisture and provide oils for the upper layers of the skin. The night cream has to be left on the whole night. However, for those who are uncomfortable with the idea of leaving it on, it can be washed off with lukewarm water after at least two hours. By this time it would have done its work.
Another important addition for the dry skin is fish oil and vitamin E capsules that go a long way for supplementing the action.

DOs AND DON’Ts for Dry Skin


  1. Using moisturizer during the day is very helpful.  
  2. Always use a sunscreen of SPF over 30.  
  3. Eat a diet rich in fruits, yoghurt and vegetables, whole grain cereal and drink plenty of water which is about eight glasses per day.  
  4. Try using rich night creams for repair of the skin.  
  5. Take special care of the delicate skin around the eyes. 

  1. Expose the skin to too much sunlight.
  2. Drag the skin while applying or removing make-up, since dry skin tends to wrinkle faster.

  1. It is a proven fact that there are no permanent remedies for dry skin. But with certain remedies and softeners it could be softened and moisturized too. For this more reliable are the lotions and creams which are available in the market widely. For eliminating the problem of dryness temporarily a mild soap or a cleansing body lotion is very useful. This option could sometimes be a failure if the skin has the genetic problem or if it is exceptionally dry. The entire process could be done at home itself and there is no need to spend lot on beauty parlors and costly cosmetic products. There are different ways through which the dry skin could be pampered.  

  2. Applying face pack made of fruits which are rich in vitamins and water could do a great deal on the dry skin. There are different fruits used for this purpose, they include peach, banana and papaya. 

  3. For the real glowing effect mashed avocado could be used.  

  4. Following these face packs should be a mild lotion or even a moisturizer. This would gain back the moisture produced by the application of the face pack. In such cases, oil based moisturizers are preferred.  

  5. Usage of the moisturizer should be a peculiar motion and it should be applied in an upward circular motion each every time you use it.  

  6. For being fresh in the mornings it is advised to use night creams which contain alpha hydroxyl acids in them. Night creams are considered to be oilier than the regular moisturizers used and it works longer at the night hours.

  7. Daily massage or a facial sauna could create real magic in the skin.  

  8. Always use mild or a fragrance free soap for the charming look.  

  9. Application of aloe vera gel, cod liver oil or vitamin E oil is very effective.  

  10. Blend two tablespoon honey with two tablespoon milk to make a paste. Apply over the face as well as the throat and let it remain for ten minutes. Wash it off with warm water.  

  11. Make a paste out of mashed apricot and warm olive oil. Apply over the face and leave for about ten minutes and then wash with water.  

  12. After a shower it is always advised to use baby oil or Vaseline all over for that greasy like feeling.  

  13. For dreadfully dry skin, use evening prim rose oil by taking about three-four milligrams per day. It takes about two weeks to show the end result.  

  14. Apply almond oil all over the body and use it daily. Massage it gently till it gets absorbed completely into the skin. Thus the skin becomes softer and dryness would certainly disappear.  

  15. Massage almond oil around the eyes before going to bed.  

  16. Apply almond oil to the elbows and knees daily and you can see the results within two weeks. 
Skin Care during Summers
Just like in Winters we take special care of dry skin, we have to be very careful during summers as well and take a special care. In summers the skin might get dehydrated and appear dry and when you go out in sun the skin might even get tanned and burnt.
  1. During summers drink a lot of water.
  2. Apply sun screen and then only go out.
  3. Wear clothes which cover your skin when you are out, as the hot air and sun might burn your skin.
  4. Apply good moisturiser and if required apply it at regular intervals
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