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How look when u go to your Office on First Day,How look when you go for the interview,what type make up done for working Women How look u For your job. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Neha   
Friday, 04 January 2013 10:10

How look when u go to your Office on First Day,How look when you go for the interview,what type make up done for working Women How look u For your job.

Everyone aspires for a dream job. When it is fulfilled; another aspiration takes its place. To make a good impression among peers on the first day in office itself as it is rightly said that ‘first impression is the last impression’. What kind of look to sport in an unacquainted environment? Giving a few tips, Simmi Ghai, a make-up artist from Expression Make-up Studio tells you how to look attractive and confident on your first day in office.

How should your

make-up be?

You should opt for light and gentle makeup for office. Take care that you look natural in office. You should do only that make-up which will keep you fresh for the whole day and which will stay long. Choose earthy tones for eye-shadow. You should use black and brown coloured mascara and eye-liner. Apply a light shade of lipstick so that it looks natural.

Face: First apply make-up primer so that when you put a base then it looks natural and stays for a longer period. Use foundation which matches your complexion. Blend it well. If you are not applying foundation then put concealer for hiding your marks and scars. Then apply bronzer powder. You can even apply compact powder with SPF.

Cheek:  Select earthy tones. Do not pick pink shades for office. You can apply rose or peach shade blusher but apply this in a very light amount. Extra make-up does not look good for a normal office day.

Eyes: Choose light eye-shadows like gold, peach or rose. Avoid dull colours like grey or blue. Apply brown and transparent eyeliner and mascara. If you do not want to apply eyeliner then you can apply kajal on your lower eyelid. To stop the spreading of the kajal you can apply little powder in and around the kajal line and then remove the extra powder. If your kajal gets spread then use an ear bud to clean it.

Now-a-days gel eyeliner is easily available in market. If you want then you can use it as a kajal as well.

Lips: Brown, mocha or peach shade looks very gracious in office. After applying lipstick you have to apply lip-gloss in the middle of your lips so that your lips look soft and supple. Do not use shimmer shades. If you do bold eye make-up then use nude shade lipstick. When you are done with your full make-up then spray a make-up fixer so that your make-up stays for a longer period.

Hair: Wash your hair properly with a good quality shampoo. Clean and detangled hair is better for office.

You can make a pony tail. Make a proper hairstyle which gives you a gentle or soft look. If you hair touches your shoulder then set your hair by using hot roller or brush. Do take care that your hair does not keep touching your face all the time. It gives an untidy look.

When you meet someone for the first time, your personality speaks for you. This is called the ‘Hello Effect’ which lasts only for 30 seconds. This means that you leave a bad or a good impression on others in a few moments. That is why your make-up and attire should be totally balanced on your first day. But even before that you need to pay attention to your personality.


Select a modest attire. Comfort is also very important. Select only such kind of attire which gives you comfort and enhances your personality. According to fashion designer Rajesh Pratap Singh, wearing a profession related dress on the first day will give a better impression. Your attire, again, depends on your designation. Girls can wear formal dresses. Avoid bright colours. Pay special attention to your footwear.

Do not wear jeans on the first day to office.

How to make your personality more attractive?

Everyone gets excited about one’s first day in office. This is so because many questions arise in mind like how is the environment of office? What is the approach of co-worker? How can I work there?

These are the questions which linger in a fresher’s mind before joining a job. But what the fresher forgets is personality development. If you are going to start your innings in a professional world then you need to follow the suggestions mentioned here.

Walking style: Do take care of your walking style as it is an important aspect of your personality. Do not bend your shoulders but keep your body straight and walk with confidence.

Eye-contact: Whenever you talk with someone, maintain eye-contact with that person. But this does not mean that you gaze or stare at his eyes. Therefore, your eyes need to be focused on the lower eyelid of the person you are talking to avoid looking continuously into his eyes.

Body language: When you sit crossing your legs it shows that you are not much confident. So, avoid sitting in this position. Do not move your legs and hands too much.

Command over voice:  This is the most important thing. A humble, soft and gentle voice will have a magical effect on the listener. Practice introducing yourself in front of the mirror so that you can get an idea of your voice pitch.

Essentials:  A pleasant aroma should emanate from you. Therefore, do take care of your body odour and foul breath. To protect yourself from these problems you should use a deodorant and a mouth freshener.

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